Can a homeowner in a homeowner’s association be forced to give up a pet?



In a homeowner’s association, there is a declaration of covenants and restrictions. One of those restrictions is typically a restriction against animals. In most cases, it will say that no one may keep an animal on the property, with the exception of dogs, cats or other household pets. So if you have one of those types of animals, you won’t have a problem, but if you have a different kind of animal, like a wild farm animal, you will not be allowed to keep it.

And as an example, I would tell you about a case where I had someone who wanted to keep two wild cougars in their back yard in a habitat. They were 90 pound animals, and the association went to court to stop it. The owner claimed they were cats because the declaration allowed them to keep dogs, cats and other household pets. Of course, the judge did not buy it, and the judge prohibited the owners from having those cougars on their property.