Michael Rehr served me in handling a complex condo association matter that required deep understanding of both real estate and condo association law.  Furthermore, the matter required a lengthy reconstruction and analysis of years of financial records, as well as a detailed understanding of transactions that the association managers did in an attempt to take advantage of me.

Michael very skillfully applied his deep knowledge of the law and his analysis of the financial data to debunk, disprove and reverse various assertions that the condo association was claiming against me.  During the entire process he kept me informed as to what was happening, but didn’t confuse me with details that were not meaningful to me.  I greatly appreciate how he distilled these complex things and communicated them to me in a straight forward and understandable way.  As much as I was impressed at his legal acumen was Michael’s ability to help me think clearly through all my options and keep me level headed.  Michael made it so I achieved the best possible outcome in dealing with my matter.

I was highly pleased to have Michael Rehr on my side.  If you are looking for help with condo association or real estate matters I highly recommend Michael Rehr.

Robert H

January 20, 2019.

I’m so truly grateful to you for everything you have done concerning my lawsuit…   couldn’t believe that a stranger, who was an attorney, would help me with this situation, regardless of the fact that I could not pay you for your services…   Right from the start your assistant Karen would call me almost every week for copies of information about HOA. Both of you calling me almost every week made me feel that you genuinely cared for me as demonstrated by your actions and your diligence concerning my case…   I can also attest to your skills as an attorney which changed everything. 

North Miami, FL 33179
January 27, 2017

“Michael Rehr has represented our family for many years in a series of condominium related matters, including the recent sale of the condominium where we lived for many years and the purchase of our present condominium home. The sale was extremely complex and difficult and was finally completed only a result of Michael’s superior legal skills and perceptive and pragmatic business judgments.
More importantly for our family, Michael consistently provided counsel to our family that was sensitive to our needs and guided us away from our own occasional poor emotional judgments.
We are pleased based on many years of multiple condominium related matters to recommend Michael for legal matters, particularly those related to the broad real estate arena.” 

Lee B.
January 7, 2016

“Michael Rehr is the consummate professional with a solid foundation based on impeccable educational credentials and the requisite experience to expertly accomplish the best representation for his clients. Moreover, he has the unique skillfulness and wisdom to apply the law in a most pragmatic manner.
He is a straight shooter, tell-it-like-it-is kind of lawyer who holds nothing back. His advice may not always be the one that his clients want to hear, but the high ethical standards that Michael holds in his heart always compel him to do the right thing. I know him to be an extraordinarily attentive professional; his turnaround time is very quick and he always exceeds his clients’ expectations in this respect.
To conclude, I highly recommend Michael Rehr for any legal matters, but especially those involving new multifamily, condominium, and homeowner association developments as well as other matters pertaining to those types of properties already in existence such as collections, violations, transfers, foreclosures, conversions, and disputes. From my past experience with Michael, I believe he will be an extremely valuable asset and his services will be a cost-effective solution in order to expedite a multitude of legal needs.”

Sincerely, DAVID H, M.S., CAM
June 2, 2015

“Our Company has been in the property management business for over 17 years. During all that time, we have relied almost exclusively on the Law Offices of Michael Rehr for our HOA and Condo Associations related legal needs. Michael Rehr’s knowledge of the law is unsurpassable and he keeps our company abreast of the constant changes in the statutes. Mr. Rehr and his staff are quick to respond to our questions and concerns and they are always just a phone call or email away. In our opinion, one of their greatest assets is their collections department. In these days of foreclosures and high delinquency rates, the Law Offices of Michael Rehr excels in its ability to expedite the collection of the much needed funds owed to the associations we represent. These are some of the countless reasons our company never hesitates in recommending the Law Offices of Michael Rehr to all our associations.”

Rafael R. – Property Manager, CAM.
April 28, 2015

“Michael is a knowledgeable and diligent attorney who advocates very well for his clients.” 

Jed Frankel,Esq. – Shareholder at Eisinger Brown Lewis Frankel & Chaiet
(Michael’s opposing counsel)
February 7, 2014

“Michael is known to me as a well respected colleague in the community association field. Over 20+ years, I have found him to be always judicious, with a great knowledge of the law and the finesse to serve in the most delicate of legal situations. I highly recommend Michael if your association is looking for personalized attention and optimum results.” 

Charles L. – Retired Property Manager
February 4, 2015

“Michael is one of the best collection attorneys I know. We have always been very pleased with the outcome of his cases. He obtains great results with expert work and high integrity. I would highly recommend Michael for anyone that needs an attorney.”
Carol P. – Property Manager at Brickell Avenue Condominium Association
March 5, 2014
“I have worked with Michael on legal issues on more than one occasion and find him to be very results-oriented, professional and responsive. He is excellent counsel and does an outstanding job of providing details, options and probable outcomes for any legal situation. I find him to very easy to work with and will not waste your time or money in providing the straight story.
Excellent attorney that I would not hesitate to recommend and hold him in the highest regard.”
Craig D. – February 7, 2014
“Michael Rehr is knowledgeable in all areas of condominium governance, management, administration and law. He is extremely competent and practical. An excellent and professional attorney.” 

Leslie S. Esq.
February 3, 2014

Mr. Rehr is Board Certified in Condominium and Planned Development Law by The Florida Bar.